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February 1, 2024, Next Avenue, "How Does Our Perspective on Time Affect How We Live,"

November 5, 2023, Psychology Today, "Let Your Inner Artist Become Your Second Act":

July 29, 2023,   Psychology Today, "Planning Your Retirement? Balance Your Life on a Three Legged Stool,"

June 13, 2023, Next Avenue: "Plan a Satisfying Retirement":

April 27, 2023, Psychology Today: "Solo Travel: A New behavior or Preferred Approach?"

February 8, 2023, Next Avenue: "Hire an Athletic Trainer When You're 82? Why not?":

February 5, 2023, Psychology Today, "What do Your Eyes Miss? Seeing through a camera's lens:

November 21, 2022: The Retirement Wisdom Podcast, "The Vintage Years,"

October 25, 2022: Next Avenue: Can You Rejuvenate an Older Brain? From the Neuroscience Lab to Real Life,

August 26, 2022: Next Avenue: The Faroe Islands: A Remote Island with an Ancient Past,

July 23, 2022, Psychology Today: Doing Absolutely Nothing has Mental Health Benefits,

May, 11, 2022Psychology Today: Why Bad Behavior is on the Rise: COVID was just the tipping point:

March 31, 2022, Psychology Today: Artificial Intelligence Can Learn from Seniors: The benefits of broad input:

March 22, 2022, Market Watch (Reprinted from Next Avenue): Why it’s OK to do nothing in retirement—and at other times, too: 

March 15, 2022, Next Avenue: The Mental Health Benefits of Doing Nothing: 

January 16, 2022, Psychology Today: Opening Up to Someone Whose Style is Very Different:

December 14, 2021, Psychology Today: Does Feeling Younger Than Your Actual Age Have Benefits,

September 11, 2021, Psychology Today: A Psychologist Revisits the Tragedy and Humanity of 9/11: My firsthand account from ground zero, 

August 20, 2021, Psychology Today: Capture the Moment with Intentiional Noticing,

July 15, 2021, Psychology Today: The Sounds of Resilience: How amateur cello players formed a community to play and celebrate.

April 3, 2021, Psychology Today: How Older Introverts Successfully Coped with COVID This Year: it’s the combination of age plus personality style,

March 14, 2021, Psychology Today: How to Travel Vicariously: Spark wanderlust from home, for just a bit longer,

February 1, 2021, Psychology Today: Aging Well: In the COVID era,

November 1, 2020: Psychology Today: A Daycation to Challenge Pandemic Blues: Finding restorative nature near you,

October 1, 2020: Psychology Today: "Virtual Music Camp: Music can enrich and transform even when played remotely,

September 6, 2020: Psychology Today: “Can Artificial Intelligence Help Us to Age Better: Or will dependence on artificial intelligence reduce problem-solving strategies”?

June 22, 2020: Psychology Today: “My Evolving Relationship with Technology: More than 50 years of learning and adapting,”

May22, 2020: Psychology Today: "Not So Silent: The Trajectory of  “Silent Generation’ women who overcame adversity and thrived—Part 4,”

May15, 2020: Psychology Today: "Not So Silent: The Trajectory of  “Silent Generation’ women who overcame adversity and thrived—Part 3,”

May 8, 2020: Psychology Today: "Not So Silent: The Trajectory of  “Silent Generation’ women who overcame adversity and thrived—Part 2,”

May 1, 2020: Psychology Today: "Not So Silent: The Trajectory of  “Silent Generation’ women who overcame adversity and thrived,”

March 28, 2020: Psychology Today: “Unintended Staycations: Ways to explore the world mindfully without going far—Part 2,”

March 24, 2020: Psychology Today: “Unintended Staycations: Ways to explore the world mindfully without going far,"

July 11, 2019: Thrive Global: “Solo Travel: A new behavior or preferred approach?”

June 27, 2019: MarketWatch, “Will smart technology help usage better, or will it just make us dumb?”

June 17, 2019: Next Avenue, “What Can AI do to Help Us Age Better? Will dependence on artificial intelligence reduce problem solving strategies?”

June 17, 2019: Forbes, “What Can AI do to Help Us Age Better?”

January 20, 2019: Thrive Global: “The Cello Habit: A Tenuous Bargain,”

December 23, 2018: Thrive Global: "My Fifty Year Evolving Relationship with Technology,”

December 20, 2018: NextAvenue: "Finding Wisdom in the Arts: Strategies for cultivating creativity and brain sharpness in later years,”

October 8, 2018: Thrive Global: “Reinvent Yourself: Let your inner artist become your second act,”

October 1, 2018: Forbes, "Cool Technology Trends for Older Adults"

August 1, 2018: Home Care Assistance Newsletter, “Late Blooming Artists: Musician, Painter, Writer,”

July 30, 2018: NextAvenue: “Dynamo with a Blowtorch,”

June 9, 2018: Thrive Global: "Transportation Hassles: Focus on the positive,”

December 8, 2017: Huffington Post Blog: "Making Wednesdays Special,”

April 18, 2016: Huffington Post Blog: “Making Music in the Woods: A Grown-Up’s Camp,”

February 2, 2016: Huffington Post Blog: ”The Magic of Daily Writing: journaling over 5 decades,”

January 11, 2016: “A Long Walk on a New Trail,” by Virginia McReynolds @ Finally Time for This: A Beginner’s Guide to the Second Act of Life (!A-long-walk-on-a-new-trail/cmbz/5691a7b00cf26c8cd830aaf7)

June 19, 2015: Huffington Post Blog: “Apps and Robots: Innovations for an Aging Populations,”

May 18, 2015: Huffington Post Blog: “Positive Aging Movement Takes Off,”

May 5, 2015: Huffington Post Blog: "Woman with a Blowtorch: Another Late-blooming Artist,”

March 20, 2015: ZocaloPublicSquare: "What do Grandma Moses & Michelangelo Have in Common?" Creativity & aging from several points of view, including my own: …

October 3, 2014: Huffington Post Blog: “Alice Herz- Sommer and Her Piano: A Long (109 Years) and Meaningful Life:”

August 19, 2014: Huffington Post Blog: “Music’s Power to Overcome and Transform:"

Summer, 2014: Healthy Aging Magazine: “The Vintage Years: Finding Your Inner Artist:" 

July 10, 2014: Huffington Post Blog: "Creative Aging: The Best of Science and Art:"

June 20, 2014: Newsday: (Toder and The Vintage Years quoted in) “Later in Life Artists Prove it’s Never Too Late to Express Creativity,” by John Hanc:

May 19, 2014: Huffington Post Blog: “Gray Divorce" and other Demographic Trends:

April 13, 2014: "Creativity and the Aging Brain: An Interview with Francine Toder, Ph.D., author of The Vintage Years," by Cathy Breslaw:

March 12, 2014: The New York Times: (Toder and newest book quoted in) “New Worlds Open at the Artist’s Easel,” by John Hanc:

March/April, 2014: Aging Horizons Bulletin (Canada): Interview: "Late-Blooming Artists Fascinate and Sparkle”:

March 4, 2014: Aging Horizons Bulletin (Canada); “Interview: Late Blooming Artists Fascinate and Sparkle,” by Ruth Dempsey:

January 15, 2014: Manhattan Arts International: "Finding Your Inner Artist,” by Renée Phillips:

January 7, 2014: National Center for Creative Aging: "Creative Expression: Both Stimulates and Benefits from the Aging Brain":

December 30, 2013:  Huffington Post BlogTechies, Boomers, and Beyond: The Homebrew Computer Club Reunion: :

December 20, 2013: Tech-enhanced Life: Seniors Embrace Social Media in Surprising Numbers:

December 12, 2013: Life Reimagined” (AARP): "Go Ahead. Make Music. It'll Boost your Brain:

December 10, 2013: Tech-enhanced Life: Empowering Seniors Through Communication Technology:

November 4, 2013: Huffington Post Blog: Entrepreneurs Focus on Seniors: Aging 2.0 Collaboration at Stanford:

October 25, 2013: Huffington Post Blog: Senior Improv? A Burgeoning Art Form:

September 23, 2013: Huffington Post Blog: A Psychologist Analyzes Siri: Defending a Robot:

September 13, 2013: The San Jose Mercury News, "Inside Siri's head: A psychological profile of Apples's digital concierge," by Patrick May: Inside Siri's head: A psychological profile of Apple's digital concierge

September 10, 2013: Huffington Post Blog: George W. Bush As Artist: A Different Perspective:

August 22, 2013: Huffington Post Blog: 6 Reasons Why The Brain Loves Dancers Over 60:

July 27, 2013: Huffington Post Blog: Aging Creatively: Bill's Stone-Balancing Routine:

June 24, 2013: Huffington Post Blog: Never Too Old: The Subway Musician:

May 29, 2013: Huffington Post Blog: Arianna Huffington's Commencement Speech Also Perfect for Boomers:

May 24, 2013: Bloom Magazine: "The Vintage Years: How the Older Brain Both Facilitates and Benefits from Fine Arts Expression,"  linked to The Millions:

May 8, 2013: Guest Blog Post on The Artist's Road blog site hosted by Patrick Ross. Article titled "Fine Arts, Creativity & the Aging Brain Positively Linked,":

April 12, 2013: Book Excerpt from The Vintage Years, "The Time of Your Life: Now or Never," on the Bloom website:

Post Publication Reviews for The Vintage Years

April 4, 2013: from

April 4, 2013: The Argonaut Newspaper, Los Angeles: article titled, "Seniors: A New Stage in a New Age,

April, 2013: Midwest Book Review, Reviewer's Choice section:

May, 2013: San Francisco Book Review, Featured Review (5 star):

May, 2013: GaGaSisterhood online site for grandmothers, Book Review:

June 7, 2013: Palo Alto Weekly, "Living Well Section," by Chris Kenrick: "The quest to play, paint, sculpt, write in the 'Vintage Years.'"

June 19, 2013: The Oakland Tribune and San Jose Mercury News (The Bay Area News Group),  by Angela Hill: 'Art and Seniors: Drawing Outside The Lines."

June 23, 2013: The San Jose Mercury News (The Bay Area News Group), "Lifestyle" cover article by Angela Hill, 'Aging Artfully,' (print edition).

July 11, 2013: The Beacon (Newspaper: Print and Online) Baltimore and Palm Springs Edition. Book Review: "How to Become More Creative Later in Life," by C. Sorgen:

January 15, 2014: Manhattan Arts International: Book Review: “Finding Your Inner Artist After Sixty,” by Renee Phillips:

TV and Radio shows: with links for listening:

July, 2019: “74 is the new 24,” radio broadcast: To the Best of our Knowledge, produced by Wisconsin Public Radio, an NPR affiliate: 1 hour show ( or Toder segment: (

May 2, 2014: Dr. Toder interviewed by Frank Samson of The Aging Boomers Radio Show about “The Vintage Years:

September 23, 2013: Live at 3 pm CDT, interview by Ed Zinkiewicz on radio show: "Retire-To." Tune in or listen to streamed audio:

August 28, 2013: Interview with Rosanna Tufts on "The Tufts Get Going," radio show, Maryland. Listen to streamed audio:

July 20, 2013: "Experience Talks," on KPFK-FM, Santa Barbara-San Diego. Interviewed by Tim Carpenter, host. Listen to streamed audio:

May 20, 2013: Commonwealth Club, San Francisco, Book talk recorded for radio:

May 3, 2013: "The Feisty Side of Fifty," Cable radio show with host Mary Eileen Williams, 18, 2013: "Dr. Business" with Roy Blitzer, Cable TV, Palo Alto: Interview

April 19, 2013: "Insight" radio show with Beth Ruyak, Capital Public Radio, Sacramento, CA (NPR affiliate):

Other Media:  

(1985-2014) radio and TV shows including the Ronn Owens show - KGO AM (San Francisco), CNN, KRON, NY1, BBC, German National Television Network and the Phil Donahue show. Quoted in: The New York Times, Red Herring Magazine, Dallas Morning News, San Francisco Chronicle, Sacramento Bee, USA Today, the National Post, San Jose Mercury News,  (Canada),  and the Palo Alto Weekly.

Other Professional Articles 

  • "What is Positive Psychology?," (Feature Article) The California Psychologist, January-February, 2008.

  • “Emotional Intelligence” for the Masses," Santa Clara County (CA) Psychological Association Newsletter, October-November, 2006. 

  • “A Model of Organizational Recovery,” Journal of Emergency Management, (Winter 2004);  

  • “Disaster Planning As a Tool in Developing a Resilient and Viable Business,” HR West Magazine, (Vol. 2, 2004) (Winner of the Feature Article of the Year)

  • “Businesspeople should have a ‘Professional Will,’” Silicon Valley Biz Ink, 2/04;

  • “Aftermath of attack reaches the workplace,” Palo Alto Daily News, 9/28/2001;

  • "Coaching 101: A Primer for Psychologists,” The California Psychologist,  3/2000, (Reprinted in the New York State Psychologist Journal);

  • "When Your Company is Acquired: The Human Aspect," The Business Journal (Silicon Valley), 10/1999;

  • "Too Many Choices: Sensory Overload," The Business Journal (Silicon Valley), 9/1999.

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